About us

If there's one flower that sums up Briddie's Floret it would be an impossibly chic long stem rose. It's slightly wild, totally romantic, and not afraid to get down to business. This shop offers a carefully curated selection of flowers that are seasonally appropriate and locally sourced (when possible). 


The floret not only brings love to the world with elegant bouquets, it also does so as a 501 (c) non-profit for socially conscious organizations that further advocacy and activism. Whether it's the ACLU, UNICEF, or Black Lives Matter, the floret will donate 100% of its profits to a new organization every month. Your Briddie's Floret bouquets bring both aesthetic and social beauty to the world. In a world where basic truths and social justice are hard won battles, Briddie's Floret is the change she wants to see in the world.
About Briddie 
Bridget "Briddie" McKenna, the florist behind The Floret, approaches everything in her life with a meticulous focus to detail that comes across as effortless and cool. Whether it's her floral arrangements, vintage finds, or her three children, everything she touches is infused with love, joy, and humor.
Briddie is that friend who brings you to a flea market and finds you the life-sized, ceramic panther with emerald eyes you didn't know you needed. Once you have it, you don't know how you ever could've thought your living room was cool without it. Let her bring this same vision to your next bouquet; she'll create the arrangement your partner didn't even know she needed.